Wednesday 2-26

To be a good presenter  you must be LOUD and CLEAR. Looking at the audience is also something to achieve during a presentation so the audience can have a more clear view on the topic.  You must also look presentable for whatever you are presenting.

2-25 Tuesday

Google Slides would be a good option for projects because organization is really good.  You can also do a lot more things on Google Slides rather than Microsoft.  Google Slides is actually, to me, a lot easier to use than other sites for projects because of how it is formatted.

Monday 2-24-24

I really like the fact that we can change a lot of specific items such as fonts and colors.  I also really like the extreme organization powerpoint can have which can definitely come to use.  I also like how you are in control and that you can make the powerpoint the way you want it.

Friday 2-7-14

I prefer using Microsoft Word than using Google Docs.  I think this way because Microsoft Word is easier for me to use and doesn’t take as long to get like Google Docs.  For instance, in Google Docs you need to sign in to type rather then Microsoft where you just click the button and you’re ready to type.

Thursday 1-30-14

I’ve used the internet for several projects such as Mrs. Dietz’s book reports on Microsoft Word, and the project that I just completed on Rene Descartes.  I usually like using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint to create a document for projects.  Good  web engines that i like to use are google and websites I use can consist of National Geographic.

1-29 Wednesday

I believe that many benefits of using a cell phone rather than using a laptop could include the benefit of being anywhere then bing in one place with a computer or laptop.  Having phone can be quicker because its just a push of a few buttons then logging in and can be done where ever you are.  There are also many educated apps that are quicker and easier to access.  

Monday 1/27

I believe that even being a plumber with good typing skills is important when he or she needs to use the internet.  Perhaps the plumber will need search on how run a certain kind of toilet or a difficult kind of drain.  The plumber might also use the internet for a form of contact.